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Morgan is a runway coach, mentoring aspiring models and teaching runway workshops for a handful of clients as well as her agency.

Please contact for private coaching and workshop rates/details.

Testimonials can be viewed here


Named one of Boston's Top 10 Most Promising Models by Improper Bostonian, Morgan was singled out for her Runway walk in particular. Over the last 10 years she has walked countless fashion shows in Boston, Providence and New York. 

Class Testimonials

“I thought it was very helpful and was a welcoming atmosphere.”


-Aoife C.

“I learned so much!!!”


“I highly recommend taking Morgan’s course! Morgan is a trained professional and her class helped me book two fashion shows the following week. Thanks to Morgan, my career is taking off!”

-Caroline K.

“She was very patient and gave awesome advice!”

-Katherine S.

“Morgan is extremely approachable and easy to talk to. Because of this, it was easy to ask questions without feeling intimidated, which led to better learning!”


-Caroline K.

“This class helped me improve my runway walk greatly, and gave me so much useful information on how to act professional…help like this was hard to find.”

-Aoife C.

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